Roofing Services

Roofing Services


Roofing ServicesThe installation of a new roof for your home or business space can be a costly venture and for most home and business owners. You can reduce your concern by ensuring you find the right roofer to do the job.

When it comes to the installation of a new roof, there are three things that you need to look for in the roofer to hire — experience, knowledge, and skill.

Experience ensures that we have years of hands-on practice that taught us more about providing top quality roofing services. Moreover, our team has been around for years for a reason and that is because we continue to provide our clients with utmost satisfaction.

Knowledge is the key ingredient to being one of Canada’s top roofing companies. Our team is composed of creative minds that turn any project into something wonderfully functional.
Skill is what sets our team apart. We have put together a group of skilled people that will ensure that you only get what you want.

Mario LaFlamme offers all three and more. When you read through the testimonials of the clients we have served, they speak more of the services we provide than we ever could. Their satisfaction is our guarantee.

Why hire us?

Mario LaFlamme is a roofing company that operates in Edmonton. It provides roofing services for both residential and commercial clients.

We offer a wide range of roofing services — from flat roofing to shingle roofing systems.
Whether it’s a replacement of the old one or the installation of new roofing shingles, for maintenance and repair services, you can trust that our team can deliver.

Specialty slope roof, low roofing systems or shingle roofs — we can provide all that and more for homeowners who wish to have their roofing systems checked and upgraded for the better living experience.

Having efficient roofs is your first line of defense against natural elements. If you want your home or business best protected from harsh weather conditions like extreme cold during winter or extreme heat during the summer, have your roof checked only by the best team in Edmonton.

Mario LaFlamme understands that having the roofs replaced can mean a huge investment on your part. But is it the kind of improvement in your property that you will not regret. Our team of expert builders will not only provide you with anything less than excellent service, but we shall help you extend the life of your roof; thus, providing protection for your investment.

Whether your roof needs repair services now or you are just thinking about having it checked, call us and we’ll get there right away! We would be glad to entertain your questions and provides quality solutions to your roofing problems.

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